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The Newton Center for Active Living (NewCAL) is the name given to the project to address the facility needs of seniors in Newton. 


THURSDAY, May 18 at 6:30pm

We are now only a few short months away from bidding the project, and as such our team has been hard at work on developing the logistics with regards to the construction schedule, site utilization, and carefully considering how to complete the project with little to no disruption to the neighborhood and village center. BH+A has been working with Mignonne and her staff in Senior Services to refine the staff office area on the 2nd floor, but most of the design work at this stage is the finite design details and specifications so that the vision we have all worked on can be bid out and constructed. 

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If you missed recent meetings, video recordings are available by clicking on the links below:

May 10, 2023 Design Review Committee meeting

April 20, 2023 Community Update meeting

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Thursday, May 18, 2023 – Community Update meeting – 6:30PM

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NewCAL Vision Statement

The City of Newton’s goal, as an age friendly community, is to build a large, well equipped, comfortable Center to meet the unique interests and needs of older adults, both those currently using the Senior Center and many others who are not. The Center will foster a special sense of community and belonging for this growing group. This facility will be designed to optimize the quality of life for Newton’s older adults and those who support them, through welcoming, respectful and meaningful opportunities that engage, value, and empower older adults to remain independent and important assets in our community.

When spaces within this facility are not programmed for older adults, the goal is to offer well managed, quality and enriching community and multigenerational experiences for all residents of Newton.

NewCAL Guiding Principles

1. The Center will be designed to promote and support the Mission Statements of the Senior Services and Parks and Recreation Departments.

2. Spaces within this facility will be clustered and programmed to preserve the wonderful sense of community that exists in the current Senior Center.

3. The Center will be age friendly, welcoming to everyone, and will be designed and programmed to meet the unique needs of seniors as well as the broader community.

4. The Center will ensure safety and accessibility both inside and outside the facility through thoughtful design and operation.

5. The Center will promote social equality and maximize access to programs and services to those who are unserved or underserved.

6. The facility will be environmentally conscious, strive to be carbon neutral, and will leave a legacy of responsible design and operation.

Senior Services Department Mission Statement

‘To optimize quality of life for older adults and those who support them through the welcoming, respectful and meaningful opportunities that engage and value older people, and empower them to remain independent and to be important assets in our community.”

Parks and Recreation Department Mission Statement

“The Newton Parks and Recreation Department will provide traditional and innovative Recreation, Leisure and Cultural Activities in a quality environment for all residents of Newton, as well as managing the preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of the natural resources of the City.”

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Note: For information about other area Senior Centers and Senior/Community Centers, please click on this link.

The new facility will be a community asset, so we are looking for feedback from the entire community!