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We appreciate your patience while the NewCAL project team works diligently to prepare for our next EBC/ABC meeting. We hope to have the next meeting scheduled soon – so keep an eye open for notices which will be going out in the coming weeks…

January 2019 UPDATE: NewCAL Project Vision Statement

The City of Newton’s goal, as an age friendly community, is to build a large, well equipped, comfortable Center to meet the unique interests and needs of older adults, both those currently using the Senior Center and many others who are not. The Center will foster a special sense of community and belonging for this growing group. This facility will be designed to optimize the quality of life for Newton’s older adults and those who support them, through welcoming, respectful and meaningful opportunities that engage, value, and empower older adults to remain independent and important assets in our community.

When spaces within this facility are not programmed for older adults, the goal is to offer well managed, quality and enriching community and multigenerational experiences for all residents of Newton.


1. Promote and accomplish the Mission Statements of the Senior Services Department and the Parks and recreation Department (1)*.

The Senior Services Director and the Parks and Recreation Commissioner will work collaboratively to ensure that programs are offered that meet the evolving needs of Newton’s residents.

2. The Center will be age friendly, welcoming to people of all ages, and will be designed and programmed to meet the needs of seniors and the community as a whole.

Provide a facility and environment consistent with the World Health Organization and Newton-focused domains (2)*, AARP Guidelines, and PLANN (Planning for a Livable All-Age Friendly Newton).

3. Provide an environment which preserves and fosters a sense of a Senior Community.

The facility will be designed such that spatial adjacencies allow the programmatic clustering of uses that are supportive and symbolic of one another. This will help preserve the wonderful sense of community that exists in the current Senior Center.

4. Ensure safety, cleanliness, accessibility and clear wayfinding.

Ensure sufficient staffing to maintain a safe environment, and prioritize safety, cleanliness, accessibility, and other immediate needs. Provide clear visible wayfinding design, which creates an identity at each location, different from all others. Uses landmarks to provide orientation cues and memorable locations. Creates well-structured paths. Creates areas of differing visual character. Doesn’t overwhelm the user with too many navigation choices. Provide signs at decision points to help wayfinding decisions.

* Note: A complete set of the Draft Guiding Principles, including footnotes 1 & 2 referenced above, is posted to this website under the “Community” tab.


For your reference, the 10/23/18 EBC+ABC meeting presentation can be found under the Presentations tab. Please continue to check this project website for updates. Also, feel free to email the project team at newcal@newtonma.gov with thoughts and/or questions regarding this project.

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Also, please contact us at newcal@newtonma.gov with any questions.

Note: For information about other area Senior Centers and Senior/Community Centers, please click on this link.

The new facility will be a community asset, so we are looking for feedback from the entire community!